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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

Nothing concrete, but it's a reasonable conclusion he'd been a captain for some time.
Agreed. But since Ransom himself never presses this point, we could deduce that the difference in seniority is a slight one, a technicality Ransom would be downright embarrassed to make use of. Perhaps he is the underdog, even, albeit with the narrowest of margins?

Saying "I have the ship with the better survival odds" counts for more in the Delta Quadrant environment than mere "I am entitled to command by Starfleet regulations", so it's quite natural for Janeway to go for that angle and for Ransom to acquiesce. If it became a battle of seniority, that is, experience, the two skippers could debate their Delta Quadrant -specific merits till the cows beam home, but the "Mine is bigger" thing is concise and satisfactory.

Though the movie shot that possibility down too since Picard told Riker they had faith in the ship, but not Picard.
That's just a bitter old man speaking - I wouldn't take it too seriously.

even hardass Necheyev had not qualms about keeping Picard in command against the Borg in Decent
And that's probably it - Picard's status, like that of all other Captains, depends on the backing they receive from the higher levels, and Nechayev just happened to lose some of her political power prior to ST:FC (or decided to drop patronage of Picard in order to retain such power).

The single cube here and in BOBW seem at odds with Guinan's statement in Q Who
...Which may prove that the Borg had different goals, ones the heroes or Guinan had no experience on. Janeway was surprised to learn in "Child's Play" that the Borg "cultivated" cultures by indeed attacking them piecemeal and then reaping the countermeasures the victims would develop, time and again. The Borg might be doing this with Earth, even though our heroes mistake it for assimilarion - or they might do other things piecemeal, too, and neither the heroes nor the audience can really understand what is going on this time around.

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