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Re: Has star trek changed

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Insurrection, maybe. But not Generations and Nemesis. I watch both movies a lot more times than I do TMP. In fact, since 2005 I have watched Generations 4 times, Nemesis 6 times, and TMP only 3.
What follows is merely my opinion:

Nemesis is the first and only movie I ever felt was so bad that I started laughing in the theater and couldn't stop. Gawd, that scene with a bloated, red-faced Riker toasting their dead (not really) comrade Lt. Data was cinematically pathetic (as we still had Data Gump). And Picard looked so frail and small onscreen. The Romulan council chamber looked like it was shot in a closet. After seven seasons they had no dramatic threads to mine ... they had to rip-off The Wrath of Kahn?!?!

Star Trek IX was nothing more than a case of insurrectile dysfunction. It had a plot that would have made a mediocre-at-best television episode (not even a decent two-parter either). Paramount wanted a change-of-pace film to follow First Contact, well, they got what they asked for. Where First Contact was exciting, compelling and epic this one counter-punched with none of that.

Generations was just a bad idea given to novice screenwriters to work out and they failed oh-so miserably. I swear the sole reason for this one was the top brass at Paramount wanting to divorce themselves from William Shatner. No passing of the torch - just dump that over-priced pain-in-the-ass. While it is the most watchable of the three discussed here it was still so much less than it should have been. And the mishandled death of Kirk is too painful to revisit. EVER!

Again, my opinion. I respect the right and reality of others feeling differently.
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Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.
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