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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

The recording of the episode at my "other means" site cut off the episode with about 30 seconds or so to go. Right when whats his face at Peggy's office was teasing her about Ted liking her. I read some reviews. I take it the last shot was of Don in bed with one of the women from his and Megan's dinner party?

Also, concerning the episode--what the hell was that supposed to be, anyway? I adore this show, but his reminded me of the one episode in all of the preceding five seasons that I loathed, when Don and Pete were on the business trip in California and he left Pete to run off with those bohemians. I'm not buying Betty sitting in a flophouse for hours, and that line about Henry raping Sandra while Betty held down her arms? Did Matt Weiner hate his own mother or something? Seriously, she's never been perfect but I remember during season two when Don was cheating constantly and we all had sympathy for Betty because Don was always sabotaging her self esteem, telling her she looked desperate in her bikini and all that. There's complex, there's depressed, and then there's pathological without cause or sufficient reason. What is up with how he writes for Betty anymore? At least with Don we know about his issues with women from the very beginning with his mother having been a prostitute and his stepmother psychologically torturin him for being a "whore child." I can remember thinking that Betty was going to embrace her inner feminist self and rooting for her. Why does Weiner feel the need to make her so mental in a disturbing fashion?

Is it supposed to New Years going into 1968 or 1969? From the looks of Sally, I'd wager 1969.

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