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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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I think Section 31 often gets too much crap from fans, even though the overwhelming evidence in both from TV and the books show they have done a lot of good work for the Federation.
Please note: I respectfully do not include novels in my opinion as I, by choice, do not count them as canon.

I agree. I thought DS9's introduction of Section 31 was brilliant and fixed a lot of dipshit things incorporated into The Next Generation. The dovish unliteralism was inane and totally unrealistic - it wasn't even a noble ideal.

Then again I would have demoted Picard for not weaponizing Hugh and wholeheartedly agreed with the infecting of The Changlings with a genocidal virus.

I mean, I loved "Star Trek" since the start and loved the future it suggested. None of which included a "peace at all costs and sacrifices" ideology. You strove for peace. A peace built upon a foundation of mutual benefit and respect - not one based on fear or paid for by a loss of self-determination.

BTW, where did that come from? What moron came-up with the Federation signing a treaty that allowed there self-declared antagonists to develope stealth technology unrestricted while they could not even research ways by which to detect such things? How is that anything but stoopid! And what Next Gen imbecile thought the pinnacle of a civilization's moral developement lay in their ability to talk themselves into laying down and excepting extinction?

I start off every episode of DS9 with a moment of silent praise for RDM and company for giving us Section 31.
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