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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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as Yvonne Fern put it, 'The media salvation for the internally inept.'
This being the same Yvonne Fern that gushed over GR in a book, but is now dissing the genre that he worked in. Yeah, I'll listen to her about this.

I'd rather be 'internally inept' than be tragically hip; at least, the TV shows are better and smarter than what the tragically hip think are cool and amazing (The Amazing Race? Big Brother? Survivor? This is all that CBS can put on the air that's a success? If I were running that company, the crime shows would be gone-the CSI shows &NCIS would be gone, the rest would stay until they finish their runs) and the reality shows would be completely eliminated. A mix of great sitcoms & drama similar to what was on CBS in the '70's and '80's would be what comprises the new schedule, followed by a new Star Trek show (on Monday night and in a good time slot for a change) with the crime shows relegated to other time slots that are just as good but that wouldn't crowd out or disadvantage the new Star Trek show (if Star Trek is such a legacy for CBS, then the suits in charge can fracking well treat it like one) and the other sci-fi shows would also be put on in advantageous positions so they wouldn't get low ratings and be canceled. Variety specials, retrospective specials (like the Carol Burnett one that garnered a ton of high ratings for the week it was on) and other similar shows would fill out the schedule, followed by a revived Saturday morning block with a Star Trek show as the most prominent part of it (again, if it's such a legacy...)

That's the way to run a network, and the idiots who run CBS/The CW/CBS Studios have forgotten that, obsessed as they are with the almighty buck. Maybe something like what I've proposed will bring the viewers back.

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