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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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Most of my few complaints about the refit track back to Abel's art director Richard Taylor wanting art deco incorporated ... hence the saucer rim lines, which scale-wise actually hurt the look, and some of the nacelle detail, which is I think based on an old car (and looks lousy compared with the TOS big spinning ball nacelles, for me at least.)
I'm not sure what "rim lines" you're referring to. Do you mean the horizontal stripes that encircle the outer edge of the saucer?

The TMP refit nacelles were based not on a car, but a once-futuristic locomotive:

What I'm not too crazy about is that the front end of each warp nacelle bears a cross that looks like "the" Cross, which is way out of place unless the ship was launched by United Federation of Presbyterians or something.
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