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Re: Ant-Man Movie

Human strength while he is antsize.

He also has the full strength of a human male while hitting women almost half his size.

And he can order ants to do things.

And he's one of the 8th smartest mad scientists in the Marvel Universe.

Thing I don't get about Pym... His major protagonist, well the one he should be most worried about is a AI housed in an adamantium combat chassis in tent on the annihilation of humanity but he feels comfortable lolling about at Antman or Giantman powerlevels?

He has to have doomsday powers (Apart from founding and sheperding the Avengers... "I don't need extinction level superpowers, I just have to provide free room and board for Thor whenever he's in Manhatten.") in reserve for just in case there's ever some sort of Ultron Apocalypse?
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