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Re: New Fusion System for Rocket Propulsion

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This technique is essentially a very small fusion bomb being detonated inside of a rocket nozzle and so the working principle is pretty simple.
Is there any danger that this technology could be used to create a fusion bomb without a fissile trigger?
It IS a fusion bomb without a fissile trigger. It's just not a very large one (more of a hot plasma fart than an actual explosion). It could, however, be configured to use larger amounts of fusion fuel and produce an energy gain significantly greater than a chemical or electrical trigger, which would be a way of boosting explosive yields above conventional levels but far below that of a "standard" nuclear weapon... say, a "chemo-nuclear" device.

I've dabbled with that concept in the past. Don't have the actual numbers in front of me right now, but my feeling is with the right setup it's easily doable. Something like that would pack the punch of a conventional weapon two or three times its size while only being fifty times more expensive and is therefore perfect for Pentagon procurement strategies.
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