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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

AskGreg has a new interview with Weisman

Myth #1: "Greg categorically stated that Wally West is dead and will never come back."
I did not. Surprisingly, I was not even asked this question and thus never responded to it at all. Now, let me be clear. I also have not stated categorically that Wally West is not dead will definitely come back. And I'm not going to do either. Let me illustrate why with an example:
You've seen memorial holograms for Jason Todd/Robin and Tula/Aquagirl. There are four potential scenarios for those two characters coming back:
Scenario A) Both are going to come back.
Scenario B) Jason is going to come back, but Tula is staying dead.
Scenario C) Tula is going to come back, but Jason is staying dead.
Scenario D) Both are staying dead.

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