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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

I watched Mallrats for the first time in what might be 15 years (scary) and I agree with a lot of what Siskel and Ebert say. Unlike Gene, I did find some funny moments here though.

The movie seems like it was written by someone who is really clever, funny and snarky but is still a teenager. Maybe I've gotten too old for this, maybe it's something you can appreciate more when you're a young adult.

Like Clerks II Randal, I have a hard time associating with Brodie, he's too abrasive for me but it just feels like a put-on. At least Clerks II had some self-awareness but I only felt irritation at Brodie. And "TS" just feels inserted into the movie, perhaps to add some Hollywood appeal, but he never engaged me on any level.

It's a fun time capsule though. I suspect a couple of years later it would've been a different film. Checking IMDB, Clueless was also released in 95 and captures some of that same vibe, that sort of the last vestiges of the 80s brightness and look. It's amazing how young Claire Forlani and Shannen Doherty look, even Stan Lee looks like a whole different man. I love Ben Affleck's horrible jacket.

Best of all, whenever I think of Rooker, it's crazy shadow boxing Rooker in his underwear. I didn't realize it was this movie, over the years I think I conflated it with William Fichtner in Go.

Now I did see the theatrical version on Showtime. Looking online it looks like the extended cut is quite extensive. Do you think it's worth a go? Would I maybe find it more favorable? I didn't hate this but it wasn't as good as I had thought.
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