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Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

So, I’ve been working my way through the extensive and enlightening bonus features on the new Enterprise Season One blu rays, and I thought this passage from the “In Conversation” featurette with Brannon Braga and Rick Berman was particularly amusing.

BRANNON BRAGA: Do you remember the book...the novelization of the Enterprise pilot, in hardcover, that came out around the time the show did, by Diane Carey that...It was very obvious in reading many passages that she hated the pilot script and was making her own metacommentary on the show? Do you remember this?

RICK BERMAN: I vaguely do.

BB: It’s filled with passages commenting on how shitty the script is. You know, like—I can’t remember exactly, but you know: “So Trip and Reed found themselves in front of two stripper girls eating butterflies. A ridiculous concept, even on an alien world.” I mean, just like…

RB: This is in a novel?

BB: (laughing) This was in the novelization. And just, like, commenting on how stupid characters were: “No good Starfleet captain would have done this, but Captain Archer was no ordinary Star Trek captain.” But, it was filled—and I don’t know if it was you or me called just to say “Hey, we think this is funny, but you should know that this author has…”

RB: “…that you’ve licensed…”

BB: Obviously, an editor missed the fact that she hates the show and it’s reeking with hatred from beginning to end. I don’t know or remember exactly what happened. I think maybe she was reprimanded. That’s absolutely true.

Me, again: This tendency of Carey’s is something I’ve noticed before in DS9 novelizations. Often, Sisko’s internal thoughts are very unkind towards his officers if they are supposedly speaking out of turn, or explaining the obvious, or just plain making a comment he finds dumb. I really truly thought she was less than impressed with some of the scripts. I guess I was not the only one who noticed this liberty that she was taking.

By the way, Carey had written over 30 Trek books before Broken Bow in 2001, and none since. Coincidence?
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