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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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Yea, that's because he has no idea what they're about really, and once again we get another guy that didn't really like Trek or TOS and didn't know those characters and in the hands of his hired guns. I think my plumber can do that. He's just a hideously clever uber nerd bloviating on one topic to the next without any real plan or anything behind him except mindless insideous writers all because he's a popular son of a suit.
No, it means he's an in demand director and producer. He's in demand because he's successful.

Liking and knowing Trek and TOS is no guaranty of success and quality. Though, not all the "hired guns" at Bad Robot are unfamiliar with TOS and Trek and I'm pretty sure the "hired guns" who worked for Gene Roddenberry on TOS didn't know the characters either. Back then hire guns made up the bulk of a TV shows writers.

You complaining about someone bloviating is the height of irony. You've often demonstrated a complete lack of understand of the writing process, television production and the film industry, yet will go on and on about them in an endless stream of nonsense.

Again, his "popularity" is based on success not being a "son of a suit", what ever that is.
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