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Re: Political expansion limits of the Federation

Lt. Cheka Wey wrote: View Post
Do new members have to embrace utopian values right away?
The Membership never apparently universally adopted Vulcan emotional control, so whether or not they adopt "utopian values" would be up to them.

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indolover wrote: View Post
yet it was stated that the Bajoran Militia was to be incorporated into Starfleet.
I believe the term used was absorbed (e.g. to accommodate, or take in).

This might be like when a new member nation in NATO alters their military command and support structures so as that they can co-ordinate joint operations with other NATO members . But the member retains direct control over their military.

Betazed also had a Starfleet contingent, which is how Will Riker initially met Deanna Troi.
I think that was a case of Deanna choosing to join Starfleet. If she had joined the Betazed Defense Forces, she wouldn't have been a Starfleet officer.

Either they are sovereign entities or they are not, it doesn't go both ways.
I would agree. But I see the Federation as more a multination organization of some sort, and not a state entity in of itself.

A collection of completely sovereign interstellar nations, and not subserviant subdivisions.

Timelord_Victorious wrote: View Post
We know the Federation counsel has a say in overall Starfleet matters
It's interesting that while the President did once referred to himself as the commander in chief, it very obvious that Starfleet gets it instructions from the Council ... and not the President.

Timelord_Victorious wrote: View Post
... with the possible exception of Earth, which seems to have become the Federation capital in a similar way as Washington DC or Berlin are their nation's capitals without belonging to a single federal state.
Where the various Federation buildings stand, the real estate might in some ways be "extraterritorial." Not officially on the surface of Earth.

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