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Re: VOY Caption Contest 106; Returning to the Fold

Thanks to Ln X and Captain Kathryn for keeping this a going concern!

Sulu: Outstanding tea. I never could get the galley to make a good cup.
Tuvok: Shall I have them flogged?
Sulu: Officer thinking, Mr Tuvok. I may just have to put you in for a promotion.
Janeway: Now I see where you get it.

Chakotay: Even if we somehow win this battle, does anyone else wonder if the Q will take their revenge on us? And how do these muzzle loaders kill Q anyways?
Paris: Stop worrying, that will disappear into a plot hole and no one's watching this anyways!

Neelix: Mr Vulcan, what can I do to make you smile?
Tuvok: Die.
Neelix: Um... nice talking to you..

Kes: Doctor Zimmerman, the EMH keeps slapping my rear end.
Zimmerman: (slaps) The Mark 1 EMH was based on my personality profile. I take great pride in how accurate my work was.

Hogan: You want me to sit here all alone and gather all these bones by myself in a potentially dangerous place, when the two of us could get it done much more quickly?
Neelix: Yep, I am the survival expert. (tosses the bone he picked up on the ground and walks off)
Hogan: Dickwad... death would be welcome at this point... AAAHH!!!!
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