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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Twisted makes no sense at all. But I guess if that's your thing, then that's your episode. And let's have it for our morale officer... jealous to the point where he thinks Kes is sleeping with half the ship! Given his character flaws, he should be worshiping Kes as a goddess and drinking wine from her shoes, that he has a real live girlfriend. Instead... we get this pettiness.

Parturition... well Neelix goes from jealousy to stalking, to assaulting members of the crew, threatening their life. Our morale officer in action! Funny thing is Paris, who obviously is attracted to Kes, is even trying to do the right thing. Though it was only inevitable there would be a food fight in the galley I suppose.

I'm often critical of Janeway, but I do love her reaction to this absurdity just telling them to deal with it and probably laughing manically once the door closed behind them. Too bad no one decided to hold Neelix accountable for being a complete jerk. Beyond that the plot is rather cliche... two people with tension created this episode have to resolve their problems, take care of baby plot... exit cliche.
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