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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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Each Star Trek bridge has looked pretty futuristic to me at the time it was produced with the exception of STAR TREK (2009). That's the only bridge that felt over designed and focused on aesthetics over function.

Its the only bridge that seemed dated straight away and I'm not talking about the spotlights.

In fact I liked everything about that movie apart from the production design. To me, it didn't create a believable universe, which tended to pull me out of the movie.
Tough titties,

That movie was sour dreck or a satre wreck. Take you're pick.

Another interested unrelated note, while the SFX were good in TMP, I find some of the fan film SFX better than Trumble's jumble, er, space jungle. Also anybody notice the symbolic metaphor of the words V'ger and it's predassessor, Nsa? Maybe Admiral Probert would know.
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