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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Pretty much. They're no more a part of the Federation than Cerberus is part of the Systems Alliance.
Though at least Cerberus has their own ships, and armies, and secret bases, and a cooler magnificent bastard chess master boss, and pretty much everything else needed to make them a more effective and scary evil organization then section 31 could ever hope to be.

I mean seriously Section 31 couldn't do crap if they didn't have access to Starfleet toys and personal which is another reason they suck at this. It also makes their bitching about Starfleet idealism hypocritical since they can't do s@#t without either their unknowing help or coerced help.

I mean really why hasn't Starfleet told them to f@#k off already and see how "dangerous" they are when they have to use their own non existent resources. I'd give them a week at most before the organization fell apart.

Cerberus at lest is self sufficient for the most part

T'Girl wrote: View Post
that the President's inner circle included a S31 member.
Actually its been taken to mean that they're SPYING on the president.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
They're no more a part of the Federation than Cerberus is part of the Systems Alliance.
The people in S31 are apparently from among the member people of the Federation, how do you figure they're not "part of the Federation?"
The same way Cerberus isn't a part of the System's Alliance. they may use resources from it but they don't answer to it. Which makes them a rouge terrorist group.
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