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Re: I must apologize...

The psychology of Popeye became really twisted when I noticed that Olive Olye did dig Bluto, and let him get a little now and then to keep his interest, but only so much as it turned poor Bluto into Popeye-bait because what really got Olives juices gushing was men beating the tar out of each other.

You have to wonder if the only reason that she always wound up with Popeye was that Popeye could lick Bulto? What if Bluto got in a lucky punch or ate some spinach himself? If it's just the blood and gore of two men slamming their fists into each other that makes her horny, did it really matter who won if she was half way to an orgasm town and still needed someone, almost anyone to drive that feeling into the city limits?

Of course you could could argue that Olyve pitted Popeye against Bluto because Bluto could never win in a fight with Popeye, so the fight was a fixed sure-thing... Which is when you begin to wonder if she arranged this fluffing because Bluto was the only bloke close enough to Popeye's strength level or that Bluto was the only guy in town Popeye could pown.

I said fixed earlier when I was just comparing weight classes that these too going at it hammer and tongs is a foregone conclusion, but what if it was all really fixed and money did change hands? Did Popeye pay Bluto to get Olyve's engine gunning or did Olyve pay Bluto to pretend that spinach gave Popeye magical super human strength which is the only way he could raise his flag all the way up his mast?

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