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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

Why would Netflix or CBS go with Star Trek if it a proven loser on tv? If I were Netflix, I wouldn't go with Star Trek being done by some but something just as good done by someone else who believes in what he's doing. A track record doesn't mean anything in this case. It winds up as well written crap again like most of the novels are. Political clout trumps artistic ability every time. We finally got rid of Berman, so anything is gonna seem good in comparison especially TOS on the big screen but the movie is gonna suck just like the last one less you like 'splosions and sex scenes for Joe six pack.

If I was CBS or the sci-fi channel I would go with another space opera that was similar to TOS but with another unique and original premise than something meant just for space cases and geeks and freaks or as Yvonne Fern put it, 'The media salvation for the internally inept.' Sci-fi keeps saying their looking for the next great space opera but the $1000 dollar suits are not doing anything about it when the could esaily ride Trek's '09's success directly to the bank with something else and not being under GR's shadow anymore. I think they're trying the next great time travel opera first to see how that goes which is what Netflix should do with space opera. Test out a few sci-fi feature pilots to see how they do and if they should go to series or not, but not Star Trek and definately not Enterprise. I'd rather see them do a series based on 2001 : A Space Odessy : The Search For David Bowman or any classic sci-fi novel that is due to get made and possibly go to series even another mini Dune. The last one sucked.

There's plenty of famous novels or remakes that could go to series potentially, but the guy in the $1000 suit at sly-fi is too lazy to do anything other than pick the same three or four ideas out of a hat from the same three or four writers and do that. He said so himself in an interview. Heck, the janitors working on Enterprise were wearing $1000 suits and fans have proven that they could do it all much better with no money. It's sad that the nature of power has to be so corrupt and greedy and political especially now since Star Trek is in competition with itself on free tv.
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