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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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HERB: We had an option on Jeff Hunter for a series, but not for another pilot...we looked forward to running the completed pilot for our star...Gene and I waited in the Desilu projection room for him to arrive. He never did. Arriving in his stead was actress Sandy Bartlett, Mrs. Jeff Hunter...the lights came up, Jeff Hunter's wife gave us our answer: "This is not the kind of show Jeff wants to do, and besides, it wouldn't be good for his career. Jeff Hunter is a movie star." Mrs. Hunter was very polite and very firm,

--Inside Star Trek (hardcover), p. 63
Which doesn't exactly say he was "hard to get hold of", unless you are citing another reference or page.
So you're using a quote which states Jeff Hunter did a no-show to refute a claim of his being hard to get a hold of?

You are using a quote that states Jeff Hunter's position of wanting nothing more to do with "Star Trek" and his feelings of being above the material (as conveyed by an authorized represenative - his wife) to refute a claim that Jeff Hunter did not want to do "Star Trek" and that he felt it wasn't something he wanted to be associated with?

Also, what is it with folks trying to invalidate things by pointing out it was previously discussed in some other folder at some other time. That's fallacious.

For one thing, this all happened close to 50 years ago - I'm sure it's been discussed many times in many different places.

Another point, considering total number of threads on this Trek forum at ony one time it is beyond silly to expect that anyone be aware what's being said in every thread.

Thirdly, as a citation it is useless because in and of itself it is meaningless. The fact things may have been brought up in other folders doesn't mean any conclusions reached may have actually been the correct or only interpretations.

Of course, the simplest conclusion to your response would be that it is an ad hominem arguement which of course is a fallacy by definition.

All in my most humblest of opinions.
Danger Ace

Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.

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