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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

DWF wrote: View Post
If Section 31 had ever intended to use the cure why didn't they let it known that they had it ...
T'Girl wrote: View Post
Let's see, likely Admiral Ross (as a member of S31) knew of the sickness and the cure. And S31 (at least claimed) that the President's inner circle included a S31 member.
junxon wrote: View Post
admiral ross wasn't a member, he just went along with the plan.
Debatable, my point stands. S31 might not have been informing every Captain, Commander and Ensign about the cure, but it's likely that some people higher up knew about it. Within the Admiralty, the Council, the President.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
They're no more a part of the Federation than Cerberus is part of the Systems Alliance.
The people in S31 are apparently from among the member people of the Federation, how do you figure they're not "part of the Federation?"

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