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VOY Caption Contest 106; Returning to the Fold

First of all I would like to apologise for the long delay waiting for this contest. I would have posted sooner but some life changes came up which made me seriously consider my options and future, and for some time I felt pretty low about it, so low I didn't have the heart to continue with these contests. But after thinking some stuff through I feel more clear-headed and more hopeful, even if there remains a lot of uncertainty.

The second reason for the delay happened when I was trying to put up another contest; the pictures would not display due to Photobucket's bandwidth limit. I managed to exceed it and I know exactly why to, I won't go into any details but for this month I won't be uploading pictures for caption contests via Photobucket. Instead Captain Kathryn has agreed to host the pictures online for this contest and possibly another one (only VOY contests).

So give a big shout-out to Captain Kathryn for keeping these contests alive!

But this is only a temporary arrangement and come the beginning of May, the Photobucket bandwidth limit returns to zero and I will be doing what I always do for uploading pictures- Photobucket.

It is also because Photobucket's accursed bandwidth limit problem that I can't pick any winners because only a few of the pictures (from the thread) are being displayed so I have no accurate means of determining the winners.

So in the interest of fairness, you are all winners!

Finally these contests will be pinned and there will be two contests per month.

And that's about it on the news front. Thanks for sticking with me despite these problems and setbacks, I enjoy managing these caption contests so thanks a lot!

With that all said here are five pictures just waiting to be captioned! (and don't worry in this contest there will be winners!)

Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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