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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

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Taking the Stone: I got a little confused here because I thought the people on the planet might be Chiana's species. They moved in her distinctive way at times, but I guess this wasn't the case.

I think the acting is fantastic with Chiana, the movements as though she has extra joints and is extra limber.. she looks like a marionette! Her odd inflections and almost hissing way of talking.. it's a very satisfying and believable alien package.

Transparent baby stomach!!

A ramped up blend of Miri and Terra Nova. But with no rescue of the people at the end because this isn't Star Trek
I agree that Star Trek is the best thing that ever happened to science fiction, and that nothing will ever come close, but why don't you stop comparing Farscape to it, and enjoy it on it's own terms?

I am enjoying it on it's own terms, often I enjoy it more because it isn't Star Trek. Such as in my above example. I can't help Star Trek episodes coming to mind when watching Farscape or Stargate or any other episodic science fiction that co-existed in the same era as Trek because I've been marinating my brain in Trek for decades now.

Also I would never say Star Trek is the best thing that ever happened to science fiction as far as it's qualities go. I would much rather have had 5 series of Babylon 5. But I suppose it is the best thing in that its popularity allowed other science fiction shows to be possible.

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