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Re: 10 Things a New Trek Series Must Have

That's proof there's an audience for Star Trek as a big-budget tentpole movie. That's an entirely different business from TV.

Notice how Abrams is shoehorning the franchise into the tentpole movie mold - heavy on visuals and action, not so heavy on characterization or dialogue or worrying about niceties of continuity that the mass audience wouldn't appreciate anyway.

That's what would happen to a Star Trek TV show, except of course the rules would be all different. It would require more continuity, more focus on character and complex plotting, no concern for the old structures of broadcast TV (episodic format, sanitized for the FCC).

In both cases, we're seeing a break with the past that is mandated by business realities. In the case of TV, the break will be bigger.

The original-series syndication market is a very unlikely home for Star Trek. Shows made for syndication tend to be reality TV and game shows, Wheel of Fortune and Judge Judy.

Star Trek
would be a much better fit with Amazon or Netflix. I could see them being motivated to spend the money required to create a series because they are trying to establish themselves for the future. Even if they weren't guaranteed a profit right now, it's an investment. Syndication isn't an investment, it's opportunistic so what's the motive to do anything but the cheapest possible show?
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