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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

All I see in what CBS is doing with TV now is greed and attempting to hang on to an older demographic that's dying off, or in the case of reality TV shows, loosing interest as time passes.
All the broadcast networks are dinosaurs. CBS is just the fattest dinosaur. Eventually the same thing that's hitting the other networks - audiences are gravitating towards content and means of delivery that suits their specific tastes vs the old mass market model - will hit them.

It will just take longer. The question is, will they realize that the time is now to start experimenting with the formats that will carry them into the future? They do have the luxury of time and money. They shouldn't wait till they're in NBC's situation.

But greed is not the problem. If Netflix is inventing the future with shows like House of Cards, they are being motivated by greed as much as anyone or maybe competitiveness is a more accurate way of saying it. It's the Silicon Valley style, they want to win. That's what motivates them to go to work every day. Money is a way of keeping score, but it's the same thing in the end.

Christopher wrote: View Post
As for aesthetics, Apple Store works for me. Maybe they're getting a product placement fee from Apple.
That doesn't make sense, because there's no actual Apple logo, just an aesthetic that broadly resembles that of their stores.
That was a joke.

As for continuity, there's enough wiggle room for a TV series to do whatever they like. There's no solid proof that the Abrams U branched off due to Nero's incursion.

Uhura's line of dialogue proves nothing since she couldn't possibly know what happened. (The line does signal the writers' intent, but that's a fifth wall thing that doesn't need to be canon.) It's possible that both universes existed in parallel since the Big Bang, even if the differences between them were not something characters in either reality would notice. All it would take is one flap of the wings of one butterfly on one worth in the Andromeda Galaxy, and that would make them different.

A TV show doesn't need to announce whether they are in the Prime U or Abrams U. Most of the audience would have no idea it's even an issue.

And the problem with product placement is when they choose brands that don't make the best sense even if we assume capitalism survives into Kirk's day. I thought Star Trek was supposed to be some kind of future paradise. That's incompatible with the continuing existence of beer-flavored water. As for Nokia, considering the trouble they've had, I wouldn't place bets on them making it to the 23rd C.

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