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Re: Voyager and MBTI

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Hi. First of all, I realize it's been a while. It's always a good idea to write down your password. And that's all I'll say on the subject.

Anyway, I noticed that there no threads speculating the types of the Voyager characters, according to the Myers Briggs test. I realize it's not a completely accurate test, and that fictional characters are almost never easy to type, because they're not always written consistently. But I thought it might be fun.

So here are my best guesses on a few of the characters:

Janeway - ENTJ (with a strong F)
Chakotay - INFP
Tuvok - ISTP
Harry - INTP
Neelix - ENFP
Seven - INTJ
The Doctor - ENTP

One website typed the Doc as an ISFP, but I don't see that at all. He's not exactly humble or down-to-earth, and he's not an introvert. He was antisocial in the beginning of the series, but that was due to inexperience. (And being programmed as a grouch. ) Once he developed his own personality, he was outgoing, ambitious, and enthusiastic.

Anyway, that's what I think. Not sure about the rest of the characters. How about you guys? Any ideas?! I know a pretty good deal about the Myers-Briggs personality types. Whenever I take the test, I am consistently shown as INFP.

For those who don't know, here's a map of what the types mean according to the official website:

Favorite world: Do you prefer to focus on the outer world or on your own inner world?
This is called Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I).

Information: Do you prefer to focus on the basic information you take in or do you prefer to interpret and add meaning?
This is called Sensing (S) or Intuition (N).

Decisions: When making decisions, do you prefer to first look at logic and consistency or first look at the people and special circumstances?
This is called Thinking (T) or Feeling (F).

Structure: In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay open to new information and options?
This is called Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).
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