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Re: Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. - New episodes 3/25

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I was too busy to watch the last four episodes, and they are not on On Demand. Crap. I may have to wait for the DVDs.
On Demand may get to them eventually. My service is rerunning some season 1 episodes at the moment.

And Netflix already has the full first season for streaming. I hope the second shows up soon, though it may not until the DVDs come out.

Still... whatever happened to just plain reruns? When I was growing up, an animated show might have only one season's worth of episodes, but those episodes would get rerun over and over again for years on end. And it was a lot more common for cancelled shows to get picked up in syndication by local stations, cable stations, etc.
Everything goes STRAIGHT to DVD today, allegedely to prevent those episodes being pirated. The delay of OnDemand is explained by this also.

Of course, a rather embarassing chunk of torrent activity is from cable customers who are heading to torrents to catch up on shows that they are paying to access but can't.

You actually cannot be sued for downloading software or media that you already own either a license to (ex. subscribing to a channel which airs said content as part of a cable tv package) or a physical copy of.

Recently, I bought a new copy of SimCity 3000 Unlimited from Amazon, but for some reason the install would freeze before starting. Since I have the CD (and more importantly, the CD Key which companies argue is what I actually bought), I simply torrented an .iso of SC3K and used my legal key on it, and it ran and plays fine. All legal.

This inherently leaves people who don't pay for those channels as breaking the law, but given how most internet and cable packages are structured, that's marginal at best.

So essentially, nobody happy!
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