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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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- Janeway- 1st officer of Voyager, takes command after death of Captain. From a science background, not as much leadership experience as other Trek captains, takes failure really badly and doesn't have absolute confidence in herself, utterly determined.
- Maquis Captain- Grudgingly accepts 1st officer role despite having more experience than Janeway. Early in the show considers mutiny, possibly even attempts it, realises that he doesn't have the crew to staff Voyager and as such is forced to comply
I don't buy this, why make Janeway lesser than what she was. You really have to be carful here. Females can captain starships and we are shown over a period of years that female captains are the norm. I personally prefer the experienced female captain. I also prefer a Chakotay that is smart enough to know that he is dependent on Janeway and her crew as much as she is dependent on him and his crew.

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- Cardassian Crewmember- A high ranking military officer captured by the Maquis and held aboard the Maquis ship. Beaten and interrogated on a daily basis for information prior to the Maquis being stranded in the DQ. Initially put in the brig aboard Voy for his own protection. Voyager's Ops Officer was killed in the pilot, Kim has been manning the post but doesn't have the experience to do it and the ship suffers as a result, in the absence of other qualified personnel Janeway allows the Cardassian to take the position, and tutor Kim, over the complete objection of all serving Maquis. Having spent years coordinating Cardassian personnel he does an outstanding job but is a source of conflict.
This is where you lose it for me, you disregard the core idea of all of Star Trek. That mankind is changing for the better and that in the future we are going to be considerably better species than we are now.

But aside from that, "Voyager's" reoccurring cast has to be likeable people to the widest majority of the audience as possible. That is why we saw Chakotay, sacrificing his ship to save Voyager, that is why we saw Tom Paris go back to rescue Chakotay. Those first impressions are important to set the direction of those characters, to tell the audience that these are trustworthy characters. The Trek producers went to a great deal of trouble to set up the Maquis as freedom fighters, not terrorists.

And finally Holodecks are a fact of life on starships, that was set in Next Generation. You might not care for Holodeck stories, but like it or not holodecks are the norm for starships. In other words it would have looked funny if they didn't have one, and the producers went out of their way to explain that power used on holodecks was not compatible with the rest of the power on the ship.
Hey thanks for reading my essay!

It's all personal preference at the end of the day, but to address/ clarify your concerns;

1/ Janeway being weaker and less experienced wouldn't have anything to do with her being a woman, I'd be happy if DS9 had a badass female captain and Voyager had a weaker male captain. I just personally think it would be interesting drama, the Starfleet crew outnumbers the Maquis crew so significantly that they cannot run the ship at all without them, yet they feel they should be in charge. I personally think that's fresher than Chakotay deciding in episode 1 that Janeway is awesome and that his entire crew should become Starfleet officers. Would be so much more effective if that respect and loyalty was EARNED, and the more obstacles in Janeway's path to earning that respect the more rewarding for the viewer.

2/ The Maquis is a terrorist organisation. The entire point of terror is to try to incite change because your enemy fear the consequences of defying you so much. They blow up military targets and kill Cardassians. They would certainly interrogate a Cardassian officer for information. Janeway's crew would be more like the TNG Starfleet officers we know, and would be HORRIFIED by this, and sickened to have to work with these people, making the entire scenario far more interesting to watch.

3/ Yeah, holodecks were used frequently on TNG, a show where every few episodes the ship was headed to Starbase XXX for repairs/refuelling/upgrades whatever. The best thing about the Voyager premise is that they would be stripped of luxuries, having the holodeck working, when replicators are rationed and they have to grow and cook food is ridiculous. I know the explanation in series, but still they were ordering drinks et in bars on the holodeck, if that aspect of the system is being powered separately to the replicators why not just make the holodeck into a giant mess hall and stop rationing all together. Just a strange decision so they could do random one off stories that deviated from the crisis these people were in on a daily basis.

I respect all opinions, can't all be alike, just my thoughts
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