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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Aaaaand I want to point out that the big, red, glowy thing wasn't a sun. It was a planet.
And, the planet would be Akhenaten, as named in the title. So, the title is finally relevant to the story and people miss it!

Mr Awe
Except that's not the title. The Title is The Rings of Akhaten

I enjoyed it, I thought the Currency was a great idea, The Doctor's curiosity and checking out Clara's past, the Leaf overloading the Hungry Beast with the infinite possibilities of Futures Unrealized. The Goofy stuff (Ahkenaten's Face, the Space flying sled), was of course, throwing a bone to the kids, so, I don't hold that against them. Seems there's often complaints about the sappy sentimental endings, such as TD,TW,aTW or this one, which is strange since it's a Kids or Family show, that kinda of ending should be expected far more often then the Fandom is asked to endured

Oswin is not part of this Clara's name, I wonder if Dalek Clara might not be the remains of the Digital Clara from The Bells of St John, rather then the end of "Clara Prime's Life". OS Win could be Operating System Windows.

Also, I wonder if the mysterious lady who gave Clara the number could be Ms. Kinzlet acting under the Great Intelligence's orders, to lure the Doctor into the scheme, and that he'll be doing so all Series long, and is responsible for The Doctor running into Clara over and over again and that she will be a trap for him in the end (At the Fields of Tuzanore)?

On BBCA, the sound was definitely an issue. The opening theme was barely audible, and then the music overwhelmed the dialogue. Don't know if it was BBCA's transmission that had an issue, or the Source files they got from BBC, but, definitely the sound wasn't properly balanced
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