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Re: I must apologize...

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LOL for me "aired" meant "when the video shop finally got it in".

But anyway.. I have never seen Voltron but I have seen all of Neon Genesis Evangelion though very little of it has stuck in my head. Theme song still rocks though.

"A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing burning Pathos.."
See!! Teacake knows whats up!!! Neon Genesis was like in my top 5 of dopest Anime of All time (along with Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist and Big O) .... I wont mention Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z since those are guilty pleasures

(plus i dont wanna start a revolt thread and hear someone throwing down legally blonde or princess bride)
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