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Re: Has star trek changed

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When you get down to it, TMP is just two and a half hours of people staring at and reacting to funky colours. It doesn't matter how familiar with the source material the director is, there isn't really much any director can do with that kind of script.
But it is still better by far then Generations, Insurrection and Nemesis.

Hell, even Roddenberry himself ended up filling his novelization of the movie with all kinds of weird and off the wall ideas which had nothing to really do with the movie. Like "love instructors"...
Have to chuckle about that. I remember people (me included) going batshit because he included those rumors of a Kirk/Spock romance.

Odd how Roddenberry went on kill David Gerrold's TNG script that dealt with homosexuality (even though it had already been alluded to in TOS with George Takei swashing buckles in the "Naked Time" as well as his wide-eyed appreciation of the gun's phallic form in "Shore Leave").
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