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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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I'd totally forgotten about the Caeliar's refusal to use time travel. It's been years since I read it, my apologies. And I don't remember much about Troi's pregnancy, other than it being my least favourite part of the trilogy.

But Picard breaking down at the end? I can buy that. The Borg had hung over him like a spectre for 15 or so years, and he'd been forced to face them in several situations just prior to Destiny, and confront his own past with them directly in Resistance. Plus, he felt the tendrils of the Caeliar gestalt as they dissolved the last of his implants, which seemed to have a similar mushy effect on Seven. I found the scene quite profound.
See and I didn't care much for what happened to Seven either. Thanks for discussing this with me, I truly appreciate it. I kind of got into Destiny because being a Janeway fan fic writer, I wanted to build a plausible Janeway returns and have it fit into the parameters established by Trek Lit. I got about half way through and then early last May a Ford R150 pickup truck not only failed to see a red light, she also failed to see my orange car. I got broadsided by a pickup doing over 40 MPH.

I spent the rest of May in the hospital, with broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a dislocated elbow. My muse took a hike. In August Pocket Books published Kirsten Beyer's The Eternal Tide with Janeway's return, so the urgency to "fix" Janeway's fate was no longer a problem.

Now I hope to finish the story, but as often happens when one has experienced near death, goals change and I find myself thinking more about original characters and original situations.

Discussions like this help to clarify thought and like I said I do appreciate it and your opinion.

Now if I could find some place that would discuss extra dimensions, and jump gates with me, I would be in heaven.
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