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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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It's cute how many of the same people defending Ebert's politicizing his reviews are the same people who had a fit over the idea of Orson Scott Card writing Superman, despite the fact there's no evidence whatsoever that Card would insert his views into the comic book.
This is awful. Card equates gay people with pedophiles. Ebert has never done anything so inflammatory and you should be ashamed of yourself for making the comparison. Why you'd come into a memorial thread to say such a thing is beyond me.
The right to free speech isn't based on whether the speech is politically unpopular, something you agree with or what you choose to call "inflammatory."

Card said/wrote politically unpopular controversial things. Ebert did as well.

In both cases it was wrong to argue the writer should be punished or to argue that he was wrong to make his statements simply because he was being "poltical."

Furthermore, in the case of Card, he made the statements outside the job in question (the Superman story), not as part of the job (Ebert's reviews). Therefore, basing employment on same is especially ridiculous.

In addition, I am hardly the person who started dragging politics into this. I was responding to what others wrote, which was political and took up about 1-2 pages of this thread. My criticism was not one towards Ebert (in fact I posted about enjoying his writing earlier in the thread [April 4 2013, 10:48 PM]). It was directed towards the hypocrisy of posters such as yourself, who attempt to decide what should and should not be said based on whether you, personally, agree with it.

Case in point, as noted above, there were about two pages of political meandering before I chimed in with my "awful" comment. At no time did you (or Zulu for that matter) complain about the thread getting political. It was only when I pointed some apparent hypocrisy from certain left leaning posters that suddenly things were "too political."

And, of course, that political debate was after several pages of people arguing like SW v LotR nerds over how the thread was titled.

So stop acting like this thread was a big love in until I made that comment. And try standing up for diversity of thought once in a while.
The fact that you regard equating gay people with pedophiles as "unpopular" speech and not dangerous and destructive is shocking. While there was a political battle it was nowhere near as vulgar as what you did. Disgusting.
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