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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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becuase a lot of what they did was idiotic and/or an extreme over reaction.
Yet it was S31's actions (and not those of Starfleet Intelligence) that ended the Dominion War sooner than solely military action would have.
Yes, one whole battle why section 31 truly saved the Federation some effort there

Obviously the attempted genocide was the only way to get the Dominion to give up a lost cause.

I mean its not like they could promise safe passage or some other deal to a still rational Founder, no they had to use the promise of saving her species to a probably unhinged Founder who was ready to go out in the blaze of glory

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Well you could say that (in a court of law) at your murder trial. Or you could stand up as a honest man and admit you murdered government employee in the lawful commission of their duties.
a cia agent has no lawful commission to be in my british house. so he's just an intruder, and i'm defending my home.
But is killing him really necessary, instead of oh I don't know calling the cops?

I mean since when has Britain turned into Texas?
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