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But Enterprise showed us is was practical and known to be by Starfleet, hence the discontinuity and this entire discussion.
Asked and answered. There is no discontinuity if you accept that cloaking is a series of successive technologies rather than a single one. The stealth tech used in the 22nd century was penetrated using the tech that Archer got from Daniels in "Shockwave." Once those sensor protocols became standard on Starfleet vessels (and probably adopted by other species over time), that type of cloaking tech would've been rendered useless, and there would've been no point in using it at all anymore. The tech in "Balance of Terror" would therefore have to be a different, completely new form of stealth technology.

As I've said, this is simply common sense. This is how it works in real life: there is a constant arms race between stealth and its countermeasures, and when a new countermeasure is devised, it negates existing stealth technologies and requires the development of new ones. So it makes no sense at all to treat all forms of cloak as a single, unvarying technology -- especially given all the times we've seen cloaks penetrated in one era (e.g. TUC) and then seen viable, undetectable cloaks in use in a later era (e.g. TNG). They have to be different technologies.
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