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As a non comic book reader, I have to admit Ant-Man is the worst name ever Will he catch on with the majorty of the cinema audience which are casual movie goers? or will he become like the HULK? unable to stand alone on a movie.
Hulk's inability to stand alone I think has more to do with limitations of the character himself. His origin story works well enough, but once you turn the focus away from Banner and start focusing on Hulk by himself, it gets harder to really explore his world in a 90 minute movie.
Except, for some, Hulk was perfectly able to carry off a stand alone movie on his own. In fact, I felt the Ang Lee entry was an ambitious, extremely well made, brilliantly directed and highly entertaining film. I certainly didn't feel any limitations in the character at all, quite the opposite in actuality. Lee created a perfect balance in the movie, between Banner's angst and straight out comic book action.
Right, but again, that was an origin story. I actually liked that movie as well.

I just think, going forward, a standalone Hulk sequel would be very difficult to pull off, and I don't know how many people actually care enough the character to want to see it. Hulk as a part of an ensemble worked great in The Avengers, and that's how I would personally prefer to see the character.

I just don't know how you would do a standalone Hulk sequel that isn't just a rehash of the original story. Banner's angst is only so interesting.
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