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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

Edit_XYZ wrote: View Post
indeed, the japanese cities were chosen due to their geography (in order to focus the explosion, ensuring greater destruction/number of dead civilians
If that were the case (which it isn't), then Nagasaki with it's "lumpy" topography would never have been on the list.

Both both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen because they were military targets.

DWF wrote: View Post
I'm kind of at a loss as do how Section 31 won the war, it was the cure that they were unwilling to give that in the end won the war.
It was S31's actions that hastened the war's ending. Creating both a sickness and a cure gave the Federation (of which they are a part) a bargaining chip, a lever, to shorten the war.

And there was no accountability for Section 31's attempted use of genocide to end the war ...
More the threat of genocide really, if S31 sole purpose was genocide (which it wasn't) then why would S31 have created a cure?

It was a way of manipulating the Founders, which the Federation through conventional military attacks by Starfleet had no access to.

junxon wrote: View Post
... 'who was he? not my problem!'

if only you could do that when you kill a CIA agent ...
Well you could say that (in a court of law) at your murder trial. Or you could stand up as a honest man and admit you murdered a government employee in the lawful commission of their duties.

indolover wrote: View Post
That said, Section 31 is an interesting idea, however it undermines the Roddenberry vision.
I seriously doubt a multi-season long war was part of Roddenberry's vision either.

DWF wrote: View Post
Who started the war? Bajor did by placing a colony in Dominion space and by calling attention to the wormhole.
The Bajor colony, while in the gamma quad, was far outside of Dominion space. So was the mouth of the wormhole.

It was the Founders that started the war.

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