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Re: Enterprise and STID ??

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I've been watching Enterprise S4 and I've noticed that some story lines have similar to ideas and rumours from STID. Let me explain
No need. I figure Abrams used some of Braga's material in coming up with the alternate timeline angle for "Star Trek." This whole reset was what TPTB wanted all along and was supposed to be the endgame of "Enterprise."
That's debatable. It's true Braga did say in interviews that Enterprise was in a timeline altered by the events of First Contact, it should be noted he didn't actually say that until near the end of the second season. It always struck me as an attempt to silence everyone whining about Enterprise's continuity errors, which were getting to be rather numerous at this point. In fact, I doubt it's coincidental this interview was done around the time the Borg episode Regeneration aired. Of course, it could also have been Braga's attempt to make fandom think anything could happen in the coming Xindi arc.

I doubt that it was always intended since the beginning for Enterprise to be an alternate timeline. Hell, the Temporal Cold War wasn't even part of Berman and Braga's original premise, rather something Paramount forced on them. Certainly by the time Manny Coto took over in the fourth season he and his writers didn't consider Enterprise to be an alternate timeline.
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