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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

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Having just those characters that act completely like comic book character cut-outs makes for a really dull episode, let alone a full two-parter.

Their actions were without consequence and they weren't written particularly good or interesting. They were all just plain Evil™.
Funny, but this has a lot to do with why I love the episode. The phrase "tremendous fun" comes to mind. Trek doesn't necessarily have to be about "emotional investment" in beloved characters on their complex and involved "arcs". Sometimes it's great to just kick back and enjoy a slice of comic book action because, well, it's fun!
Well, I don't have a problem with fun episodes that don't take themselves too seriously. I guess it's just that the character's evli-ness in IAMD seems really forced, whereas earlier MU outings (like "Mirror, Mirror" and "Crossover") genuinely seemed to ask the question of what these characters would be like if the circumstances in their lives and the universe they inhabit would be inherently different.

In IAMD Archer is just evil. And Phlox is just evil. And Hoshi is just evil. Their motives for constantly betraying one another are completely random. It doesn't feel natural. At all.

I do enjoy episode that play up the fun of it all. I guess it's just that I still need to believe in the characters and situations I'm watching.
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