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Re: NASA's Warp Drive - update

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if we play our cards right, in ~ten thousand years, there will not be a single star in the night sky you can see with your naked eye that our descendants have not reached.
I think most stars visible to the naked eye are unlikely to provide a welcoming environment for human colonization. We probably would want to concentrate on solar systems with less conspicuous suns.
Only if we will be planet bound in the future.
If we take the far better option of building O'Neill colonies/Orbitals, almost any star with an asteroid belt is prime real estate.

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There are stars in the night sky that are in distant galaxies. I doubt that in ten thousand years that we will have traveled to those galaxies.
You can't see those stars with the naked eye, throwback.

I think that if we do move out, from this solar system, that we will do so like the ancient Polynesians who migrated from one island to the other. I do believe that we will encounter limits to our exploration and colonization. Some we can imagine now, others we can't even imagine.
Beyond the obvious speed and energy constrains (including the related sociological/economical arguments), what other limits do you see?
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