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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

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How come the weapons the Borg fire on the Phoenix compound are so wimpy? Same reason.
The Borg Sphere may not have been a combat vessel. Even if it was, it had just used up a lot of power travelling through time.

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How come the Borg come to Earth and fight through 24th century Starfleet defenses before going back in time, instead of going back in time first and then going to Earth with nobody but 21st century defenses in their way?
There wouldn't be a story otherwise! But, my personal interpretation, the Borg want technology as well as assimilating species. Earth in the 24th century is a greater prize than Earth in the 21st. So they send a cube to assimilate Earth, and only when that fails do they attempt time travel, a back up plan so they get something rather than nothing.
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