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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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If its either nuking the entirety of the other country or being enslaved by the despotic regime of the that other least with the US, I can guarantee you its the former every time.
The USA already proved it needs FAR less incentive than all but guaranteed enslavement by another country in order to resort to nuking said country.
A smaller casualty count for its army is more than sufficient.
No disagreement, but lets be fair: The countries with the so-called "No First Use Policy"....that is pure pretense. If put in the same situation as the United States was in, they would use it in a heartbeat. In the end, it was the right decision by any calculus you want to use in that it saved both Japanese and American lives and brought forth the inevitable conclusion of American victory.
First - USA used the atomic bombs because it wanted to prevent further russian advances and to reduce the casualty number of its own soldiers (the relevant decision makers of the time admitted as much).
It didn't care in the least about reducing the number of japanese casualties or about any moral calculus along those lines - indeed, the japanese cities were chosen due to their geography (in order to focus the explosion, ensuring greater destruction/number of dead civilians) and the fact that many buildings were made of wood (in order to burn, again ensuring greater destruction/number of dead civilians).

Second - your ~'other countries would do the same' - is juvenile excusism, based on no evidence at all. Merely the unfounded rhetorical statement that ~'the other guys are equally bad/worse'.
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