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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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Yeah, you've got a point. I don't really want to spend any money really until I know I like them and I'm gonna maybe listen to them again.

Once I got some tenth doctor audios free with the radio times, a friend put the audio on in the car CD player, and it didn't work. I don't think it worked in any other CD players either. Is that just because they're cheap freebies, or because you need a special CD player or something for them?
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Also, I heard that sometimes they do radio series so you could just tune into radio 4 or something and listen to the audio. I've been scanning the radiotimes a bit, but I've not spotted any. Does anyone know when the next series or whatever is on?
Don't know about your playback problems, but the copy protection on modern CDs has become so bad that they can't even carry the "Audio CD" logo any longer because they don't comply with the standards the manufacturers have to respect. Can't comment on the British TV broadcast either, since I live in Germany.

Here's the later theme for the 8th Doctor's Big Finish adventures (the video part is just looped footage from the movie to accompany the audio):

And a trailer for the multi-episode special, taking place shortly before the regeneration into Eccleston (look at the leather coat):

It seems like November this year will also bring an anniversary adventure that won't have to hide behind the TV special:

Look at those incarnations. Compared to that, the TV special might be limited to the amateur league.

BTW: This isn't official, but someone has created an awesome tribute to the different incarnations:
Oh, right. Thanks.

Kewl videos. there.

The new McGann tune sounds like a remixed McCoy theme to me. I liked it a bit, but I much prefer McGann's movie theme. Along with C Bakers "Trial of a Timelord" theme, that has to be my favourite.
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