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Re: I must apologize...

I can't touch type.

Always looking at the keyboard when I should be looking at the screen.

Besides, your problem is that you're always here, so when I spend ten minutes fixing up a shitty post, I then find that you've already read and replied to my ramblings 9 minutes earlier.

Sure, boys can spank it with their feet if they're monkey limber, but no amount of ankle rubbing is going to produce a flush of semen unless he is obese with very blubbery thighs. Then of course, thinking that the male eruption isn't 99 percent mental is just boys in denial that there's more than cars and baseball statistics under their hood.

It's a fair bet that any decent hypnotist can place commands in either genders subconscious to begin an orgasm, of course with girls it easier because they can merely be programmed into thinking that they're orgasming, but for a guy to go limp noodle to blown load in the 12 seconds which it takes the person in charge to say "Portobello" requires a purely deviant inner psyche who is only not continuously orgasming because they are pinching the tip of their urethra telekenetically.

Didn't you hear me?

Woman can psychically control there orgasms if they just spend an hour with a hypnotist after handing over a hundred and 50 dollars.


If your choice was to rely on a smelly man, or have a magic word, what sane lady is going to still risk some one-night-stand inveterate going through her wallet while she's still passed out from 4 too many gimlets ever again?

Think of it.

A magic word.

Complete control.
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