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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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You are missing the point... I am arguing that Stellar Cartography should be as common place on a ship of exploration as are the holodecks and tractor beam.
The Enterprise-D managed without one for seven years!
Right now I'm reading "stellar Cartography" as where they make maps rather than where they keep the maps.

TNG Lessons

PICARD: I'd like to talk to Doctor Mowray at his archaeological site on Landris Two. Could you put it through to my Ready room?
DATA: I'm sorry, sir, but Stellar Cartography has requested a communications blackout while they run an experiment.
PICARD: How long will it be?

Voyager Paturation

JANEWAY: Some of these readings suggest a planet early in its evolution, almost like a primeval Earth.
CHAKOTAY: The people in Stellar Cartography have already nicknamed it Planet Hell.
JANEWAY: So it might be a wild goose chase.

Frakking Picard was frakking a frakking Stellar frakking cartographer!

Is that something any of us should forget?
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