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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

Best cold open ever? Nope, not even close. Ever seen TNG's "Cause and Effect"?

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The FC opening scene was cool, but I thought "In a Mirror, Darkly" was awful. Why should I care about any of these people?
That's why I can't stand this episode either. The other MU episode did work exactly because they were always presented from the perspective of our characters. It was the fish-out-of-the-water aspect that made the over-the-top ridiculous behaviour of the MU couterparts bearable. Having just those characters that act completely like comic book character cut-outs makes for a really dull episode, let alone a full two-parter.

I loved the recreation of the TOS-era sets, but I didn't invest in anything these characters said or did. Their actions were without consequence and they weren't written particularly good or interesting. They were all just plain Evil™.
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