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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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Then why didn't Starfleet Intelligence do it first?
Because writers didn't think of it or thought it would be "kewler" to have an above-the-law agency running amuck within the Federation.

yup, it's the second one. It's a "rule of drama" outside-universe explanation, not a logical one. The writers wanted to create new plotlines with this organization, THAT's the real reason they didn't just have Starfleet Intelligence do it.

Then they could have their cake and eat it too-show something related to the Federation that was dark and amoral, but NOT take the risk of having it actually be anything officially part of them.
I don't know...I see them as being officially part of the Federation in the sense that they are sanctioned in the charter. You might be right about the reasoning, but if that's the case...that is indeed kind of lame.
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