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Sorry, that's a copout. Either you have the high ideals and accept the consequences of them or you don't and you're willing to get your hands dirty. Creating Section 31 to do your dirty work like genocide and executing elected officials while claiming morality and high ideals is hypocritical.
In the Trekverse, both the Obsedion Order and the Tal Shiar were shown to be de facto rogue organizations without accountability as well. The CIA for a period of time in the last century had a lot of rogue activities as well. The CIA was never held to account for those activities. Within the CIA itself, there is a culture of nonaccountability (its the of the guys who destroyed the torture tapes is getting promoted and a whistleblower on torture is going to jail). The Federation just doesn't bother with the pretense, so in a way, they are less hypocritical. Don't hate on them.
The Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar were official arms of the Cardassian and Romulan states. They were openly expected to investigate and conduct overt operations. Your comparison is flawed.

That said, Section 31 is an interesting idea, however it undermines the Roddenberry vision. People can say it's unrealistic, however that misses the point since no artistic work has to be wholly realistic.
It might only be explicitly stated with section 31, but all three orgs in practice operate as rogue orgs without accountability. The only difference was two of them were openly known to the public while section 31 wasn't. But all of them were officially sanctioned.

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