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Re: 7X07 The Rings of Akhenaten (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Very two minds about this, gave it a good.

The production values, except for the space scooter CGI, were pretty high, and I liked all the aliens (and a fair number had moving mouths).

But, I dunno. The Dr visiting the funeral? Clara in the past? Clara's magic leaf, with not just the past but all the days that never came? (ok, that wasn't a bad idea) Yet another "I'm the lonely doctor with a big past" speech? Almost touching but we've heard it all before.

And I know I'm in a party of one but Clara does not click with me, and I'd rate her, personally, worst companion evar. She's just a pretty face with not a lot going on behind it, while trying very, very hard to make her 'mysterious'. Yeah, hate me, just a personal opinion.
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