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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I think I'm in pretty good shape now. Aside from the fact that every time I get a Colonel I promptly lose them. I had 2 gifted in my first test batch... and they both died. Nothing since. I guess your odds are better if you wait until they earn some promotions first? Unfortunately I tested most of my lower level guys already and you can't retest.

I can now field full crew of Titan/Ghost armor. I have one Archangel but every time I use it I seem to get my Sniper killed so... I've been using it less. Ghost is great though. Got most of my weapons going too so everyone now has something Plasma. Assaulted that cloaked ship and ever since then I've been getting a lot of enemy Scout class ships in my airspace to shoot down and pillage. Fairly easy missions all things considered now that I have the artillery to handle those Sectopods. They still take out good leveled up soldiers here and there but now I have a few Supports with the triple med pack, and Ghost ambushes/spotting for my Snipers works wonders.

Starting to feel pretty comfortable, but I'm going to try to level a bit before I move on with the story. Not that I really can at the moment since I have gone like 5 rounds of testing with no Gifted...
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